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Stump Grinding and Removal in Lexington

That old tree stump is not only an eyesore, but having to maneuver around it every time you mow the lawn or rake the yard is a pain. Get it both out of sight and out of mind with stump grinding or removal from Arlington Tree Service. Call our team in Lexington, KY, for a FREE quote.

Removal vs. Grinding

If you think stump grinding and removal were one and the same, you'd be wrong. They are two very different processes, with their own set of pros and cons. With stump removal, your arborist is not only removing the tree stump, but the root ball below it, which can be considerably bigger than the stump itself. This typically leaves a large hole where the tree once stood. Stump grinding is just like it sounds: the stump is ground up into smaller pieces and the area just below it is tilled, so that new trees or plants can be placed there if the homeowner desires. Stump grinding is ultimately quicker and more economical. To make an appointment for either service, call Arlington Tree Service.

We Can Take It Or Leave it

When you choose stump grinding, you have the option of having Arlington Tree Service take the sawdust and wood shavings with us, or having us till it into the surrounding soil so it can decay and turn into nutritious mulch for future plantings. Just let us know what you have in mind for the area in question, and we'll do our level best to make it happen! Call today for a free quote. 

stump grinding before and after

Wipe the Slate Clean

If you're building a new home or commercial project from the ground up, the first step you need to take is ensure that the ground is completely clear of obstructions. That's where Arlington Tree Service comes in. We can clean everything from small residential lots to multi-acre commercial or industrial plots throughout Fayette County. Call us today for a FREE estimate!

(859) 293-0288

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